Our advantages for companies

At Working in Brûsel, we strive to provide access to profiles with the specific skills necessary for the development of your company.

We offer an attractive, human-oriented added value that will certainly appeal to the new worker generation, eager for unique and authentic experiences!

Excellent candidates

Priority to soft skills, values common to yours, likeable, young & qualified

An innovative added value

An attractiveness of talent boosted by the competitiveness of the salary package.

"More for Less" strategy: by combining the gross salary and the BIK of co-living, net saving is optimized!

Qualitative follow-up of files

Regular feedback resulting from the relationship with the talent, personalized coaching, detection of needs / desire for evolution / talent training & anticipation of changes

It's easy as pie! !

We define together the needs/skills necessary for the development of your company
We look for the talent that meets these needs and skills while validating the soft skills and values required
We present you with talents likely to fulfill the mission, you validate the hard skills and select the talent
We conclude an intuitu personae service contract
We hire the candidate and start the services

Launching of Working in Brûsel was dictated by :

CO-CREATION : combining two different business to create a new value proposition

SOCIETAL EVOLUTION : benefit and amplify a new fundamental trend

SIMPLICITY : easy manageable process to facilitate growth

PLEASURE : working with solutions that make people smile


                                                                           Pierre Focant